From de bounties ot the land.


Ok Wordsas is an Argentine family company producer of pulses and grains.

Process and Export Company:
Has its own processing plant, dedicated exclusively to the export of its products and sub-products, chickpeas and all kind of beans, sesame, green beans, etc. also, feed animals products.

pulses and grains

Pulses and grains

Alubian beans, black beans, cranberry beans, dark red kidney beans, light red kidney beans, and others

cow meat, lamb meat, chicken meat, fish meat

Premium meats

Premium quality cow, lamb, fish, and chicken meats.

whole milk powder, cheeses, butter

Milk & derivated foods

Production and distribution of a wide of premium whole milk powder, butter, cheeses, whey powder.

free glutem flours

Free gluten flours

Micronized soy flour, full fat soy flour, pea flour, chickpeas flour, lentil flour, bean flour, etc.

balanced meal

Balanced meals

Distribution of a wide of premium balanced meal: Meal soyabean, Alfalfa.

balanced meal


Distribution of a wide of premium chilenan fruits: Cherries, stone fruit, prunes, apples, blueberries, walnuts, almonds

Premium products for the most demanding markets

Worldwide Shipping

From the bounties of our lands to your kitchen. We do shipping to all the world.

Best Quality Products

The presence of high technology together with quality processes at every step of our production chain allows us to obtain top quality products.

Security and Traceability

Security and traceability in all the purchase process. From our plant to your Company.